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processor and notebook for sale

AMD 64 3000+ Socket 939 Processor - $100 (lowest online price is $145)

I'm discounting it because I used it for a month before getting my hands on an AMD 64 3500+, and because it does not have a fan included (im using it on my new processor, as i got it used as well). While it doesnt have the fan, it IS a retail box processor and carries the full 3 year warranty from AMD. I also will throw in a halftube of arctic silver to apply to the processor when you get a new fan (fans cost 12-20$ at fry's).

make an offer, i just dont have a use for the proc anymore and figured id give a deal to a fellow houstonian, that and im tired of staring at it on my desk :). highest bidder wins. i'm on the NW side of town and can meet at a reasonable distance.

ECS Desknote Laptop
15" Screen
1.8Ghz Pentium 4 Processor
512MB DDR PC2700
80gb Hard Drive (5400 rpm)
Sound, 56k modem, LAN (lan jack works but plastic is broken and cable can come out if not careful)
4xUSB 2.0 ports
AC Adapter
External Battery

I'm asking $450 or best offer for this notebook. The reason it's so low is that it uses an external battery, so it's not as portable as one would like. It is an average sized notebook, but the external battery life is only 2 hours. If you want a notebook to take from point A to point B and both A and B have power outlets handy, then its a WONDERFUL notebook. Really fast and stable. Also I took into consideration that the network jack is b0rked. I will add a Dlink USB wireless network adapter (802.11B) for $20.00

I guess i'm doing a bit of "spring cleaning" that i've put off. i have tons more pc parts, so if anyone expresses an interest in knowing about them here I will post the info. If this post is bothering anyone I can remove it.
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